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Become THE Box To Join in Your Town
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TurnKey Box Builders is born from real life experience starting, struggling, and then growing a thriving box for ourselves.

I thought you might like to see some stats for one of the box Facebook campaigns we just wrapped up for one of the boxes we work with.
It was crazy:
We set up an ad to run on Facebook...
  • We ran a short 3-week campaign
  • The box owner had a $400 advertising budget
  • Only people we thought would be open to a new 6-week “Functional Fitness For Functional Fitness Haters” boot camp in our local town saw the ad
  • As of the end of the campaign...

    ... 70 people asked for more details

    ... 14 people joined the 6-week bootcamp at $199 each (that’s $2,786 in upfront fees)

    ... 8 of the 14 bootcamp members signed up for 12-month memberships at $125/month (that’s another $12,000 in revenue)...
I know… the box owner was shocked too.
That’s $14,786 in revenue from only $400 in ads!
What’s amazing about this, is it’s not unusual to get that kind of response -- if you know what you’re doing. 

We can replicate these results and better EVERY 6 WEEKS!
Right now in your town we are allowing only ONE new box to rock a promotion like this.
Discover The Keys To Turning Your Struggling Box Into A Thriving, Revenue Generating Machine...
Done For You Marketing Collateral
Facebook ads, social media pictures, and lead-generating websites are all a part of a well oiled marketing machine.

Our team becomes your team.

Ads, email promotions, and new boot camp offers are all ready to drive new members through your doors and into your classes.
Expertly Written Facebook Ads & Social Posts
We show you how to get new members knocking down your door, BEGGING to be a part of YOUR box, because it’s the ONLY box they can imagine joining.

Facebook posts are likely to fall flat unless you have powerfully written, emotionally engaging posts - not to worry, we have a treasure-trove of done  for you content ready to be deployed on your behalf.

Battle Tested Client Lockdown Sales Process 
We don't 'guess' with your hard-earned dollars.  Every campaign we run has been tested with OUR money before we deploy it for you.

Only after we test a campaign and it turns a profit do we run the campaign for you.  You are getting tested, proven and "winning" promotions out of the gate, without wasting your a penny of your money.
Reach Multiple Demographics
One of the #1 ways to differentiate yourself in your market is to offer CUSTOM classes for specific demographics.

This is more than just running a "mom" class... there is an ART to attracting members who will become your future marketing team (wearing your shirts, sharing pics on Facebook, and being your 'street force'...)

Our custom campaigns not only fill your classes, but build your culture.
Generate "Now" Money And "Future" Revenue With The Same Campaigns
We show you how to get new members knocking down your door, BEGGING to be a part of YOUR box, because it’s the ONLY box they can imagine joining.

With one-off campaigns for boot camps and limited-time offers, to Member Value Maximizing offers to get trial members to commit to 12 month memberships, THIS is where your box becomes a force to be reckoned with... and we're masters at this.
Hands Off!  We'll Do It FOR You, While You Coach Your New Members
It doesn’t matter whether you even know how to use Facebook or not, because we run your promotions FOR you.

We'll become your secret weapon -- other boxes in your area will start wondering what's in the dumbells (hint... it's us).

Experience Our Brand New "Culture IQ" Marketing Automation System
Once we have a local box under contract in a "ZIP Code Zone", we will not allow another box to use our services.

Yes, YOU become the ONLY box in your area using our proprietary methods for building your box.

Don't delay!  Once your area is spoken for, you will have lost your chance and must WAIT until a spot opens up (and when your competition sees the results we get them... you may be waiting for awhile!)
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Meet The TurnKey Box Builders Team
Joby Shreckhise
Joby is just like you. He runs a thriving box, full of excited, motivated and COMMITTED members.  His classes are full, and it's because of the same battle-tested strategies you're going to apply to your box to become THE box to join in your area.
Evan Pettrey
Evan is your new lead generation partner. Driving qualified and 'ready to join' prospects to your sales machine is Evan's specialty and he's ready to apply proven box building methods to your business.